About Us

Our Concept

Our concept is simple. Get everyone involved in the act of giving. Through the pound a month appeal we aim to create a community of like minded individuals, who believe in the vision of Suffa Global Aid. We truly believe that through this we can bring unity amongst the creation of Allah. We live in a time and age where we are too busy with work, business and family and most of the times overlook the needs of the world. 

This £1 a month​, perhaps one may even forget that they have setup is going a long long way. Wouldn't it be amazing to know £12 a year -has made a massive impact throughout the lives of many, has given hope to an orphan, has enabled a less abled person to carry out their daily chores, has given a sense of relief to a single mother caring for her child, has opened up doors for a bread winner of a family, has provided clean water to those who don't have that blessing, has given a home to a family living on the streets, has aided an ill person with their treatment. 

SubhanAllah. It truly would be amazing. 

Ultimately we do this for the sake of Allah, and with sincerity earn Jannah InshaAllah. Why wait. Join us in our mission today!
Why Suffa Global?

Suffa Global Aid is more than just a charity who delivers aid to the needy.  Suffa Global Aid's mission is to enable everyone to be fully immersed into the act of giving, to have true empathy for our fellow humans around the world, to be a part of a movement.  

Suffa Global Aid aims to deliver 'charity-as-a-service' (more on this in a seperate blog post) to every member.

Choose to join Suffa Global because you receive more than just the satisfaction of giving, some of the benefits include but not exhaustive are:

            A sense of involvement through monthly updates.

            Join in the Suffa family gathering which takes place every quarter and enjoy live updates on past projects.

           YOU decide the projects that'll take place for the next three months!

           Great opportunity to network with like-minded invdividuals who've come together to form the Suffa family.

           By being a member you become to be known as As-Hab-us-Suffa (The People of Suffa).

           An opportunity to be flown out to hand deliver the projects yourself.

          A true sense of satisfaction.

Loads of other future benefits to come.
(Watch this space!)
Suffa Global AId
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